We offer a service of museum audit as a tool of control and supervision, with the aim to analyze and assess the internal functioning of a museum, getting to know its strengths and areas of improvement.


How do we work


Visit to the museum to gather information diagnosis of the situation in order to detect strengths and points of improvement a work plan which includes recommendations and goals to be achieved in order to resolve the identified weak points, coaching process working with museum’s staff,

training of personnel (parallel to the coaching), feedback that includes the goals achieved





We carry out audience research where we evaluate concrete aspects, in which the investigation of the quantitative market plays an important role, whilst also adding intangible variables, such as the measurement of the extent to which the users experiment or the capacity to transmit/receive the messages that the visitor encounters in the museum, among others, offering solutions and new formulas so that the museum can approach new audiences.



Aimed at middle management levels that directly supervise the personnel that engage with the visitors to the museum. The importance of client service will be reinforced within the museum, producing loyalty not only through the museum exhibitions but also through careful planning of activities, appropriate community management, alliances with other museums and related organizations..



A tailor-made program aimed at top and middle level management that enables the development of skills, the management of changes and the application of the latest trends in the management of museum organizations, related to management, leadership or motivation, among others.




Group activity aimed at the personnel that are in direct contact with the users of the museum. To execute these activities there will be a needs assessment, adjusting the activities to the results. This coaching can be categorized as “Client service training”.




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