The setting


The organization of a space is in the hands of our staff of architects and engineers. Besides setting out the architectural support, their job includes: technical support that aids the smooth flow of operations; any sort of service processing (construction, installations, telecommunications, computers, etc.) needed for the progress of works; budget control; quality control; implementation of deadlines; management of licences etc.









Telling Stories


Our content development, with the participation of documentalists and experts in the field, always takes into account the different aspects of the theme of the museum or exhibition and the variety of people at which it is aimed.


Our job is museum management, we therefore understand the importance of a good exhibition design, correct choice of appropriate materials and resources, and having an operation plan that is adapted to our goals and possibilities.

When we design a museum or thematic centre, we plan it not only thinking about the visitor and the best way to display content, but also keeping in mind the daily life of the museum, its upkeep and the adequacy of the resources it offers in order to fulfill its objectives and plans.









La dramaturgia


El equipo de diseño expositivo está formado por diseñadores expositivos y escenógrafos, que trabajan estrechamente con el equipo de diseño gráfico y la dirección de arte. Su función principal es la organización del espacio y la adaptación de la organización y circulación de los visitantes en las diferentes salas expositivas, así como la relación espacio-objeto. La luz y el color como elementos de comunicación y el uso creativo de los materiales es la base en la que se centra nuestro equipo de diseño expositivo, creando una estructura de información uniforme y accesible a todo tipo de público.











The exhibition design staff is composed of exhibition and set designers, who work closely with the graphic design team and the artistic director. Their main task is the organisation of the space, adapting the layout to the movement of the visitors in the different exhibition rooms, as well as working on the relationship between objects and space. Our exhibition design staff focus on the basis of light and colour as communication elements and the creative use of materials, creating a consistent and accessible information structure for everyone.

The philosophy we follow when designing a museum is that of the visitor as a participant and not simply a spectator. To achieve this we offer different experiences and we use the latest technological resources so that the visitor can interact with the museum and gain a unique experience.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary team of professionals, we design and develop complete projects, intervening at any stage of the design process and project development.



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