Educational services

Education is another cornerstone of our work philosophy. We design, create and develop educational services, in the museums and exhibitions that we manage, as well as beyond them (schools, cultural centers, cultural weeks, etc). All of our actions within this field stress the importance of the visitor himself. The visitor acts as the main participant in the educational workshops interacting directly with the content offered, learning whilst having fun at the same time.



Interexpo has a team of educators and teachers in charge of adapting all kinds of topics to the format of educational workshops, always with an interactive character. The aim of these workshops is to arouse visitors' curiosity, sparking their imagination through interactive resources and providing an opportunity for participants to engage with the content in a direct, enjoyable and fun way.



These activities are aimed at families with young children. Using very familiar formats with the children such as stories, puppets, painting, theatre etc. the activities explore various different themes and content.

Guided tours


People visiting an exhibition or a museum seek surprise and new experiences. To achieve this goal we rely on two factors: the design of the exhibition spaces and our staff. In the guided tours that InterExpo develops, both our instructors and customer service staff receive careful training. This allows them to take into account visitors’ interests and expectations, creating an enjoyable, personalised and fun visit, which itself becomes a positive experience.




The educational activities that Interexpo develops are not limited to what is available in its exhibitions, museums and theme centers, but they can also take place in the school itself through the Educational Outreach program. With activities of this kind, the faculty can select from a range of activities from workshops to storytelling that are developed in the center itself as a complement to the different traditional subjects.




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